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All About IGTV: Downloading, Using the App, and Monetizing with Ads

Apr 28, 2023


IGTV, short for Instagram TV, is a standalone vertical video platform integrated with Instagram, designed to allow users to create and share long-form content. It is a popular platform for creators, influencers, and brands to engage with their audience and showcase their content. In this article, we will discuss how to download and use the IGTV app and how to monetize your IGTV videos with ads.

Downloading and Using the IGTV App

Downloading the IGTV App: IGTV can be accessed directly from the Instagram app or by downloading the standalone IGTV app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for “IGTV” and install the app on your device.

Accessing IGTV: Once you have downloaded the IGTV app or opened Instagram, you can access IGTV by tapping the IGTV icon (a small TV-shaped icon) in the top-right corner of your Instagram home screen.

Browsing IGTV Content: On the IGTV app, you can browse and discover new content by scrolling through the “For You” tab, which features a personalized selection of videos based on your interests and the creators you follow. You can also explore other tabs like “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching” to find more content.

Uploading Your Own IGTV Videos: To upload your own IGTV video, tap on your profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the IGTV app. Then, tap on the “+” icon and select a video from your device to upload. You can add a title, description, and custom thumbnail for your video, as well as share a preview of the video to your Instagram feed.

Monetizing IGTV Videos with Ads

Instagram introduced IGTV Ads as a way for creators to monetize their content and earn revenue from their videos. Here’s how you can get started with IGTV Ads:

Eligibility: To be eligible for IGTV Ads, you must have an Instagram Creator or Business account, be at least 18 years old, and comply with Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies.

Enabling IGTV Ads: If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can enable IGTV Ads by going to your Instagram settings, selecting “Creator” or “Business,” and then choosing “Monetization.” Follow the prompts to set up your payment account and accept the terms and conditions.

Creating Ad-Friendly Content: To maximize your earnings from IGTV Ads, make sure your content is engaging, high-quality, and adheres to Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Monetization Policies. This will increase the chances of your videos being approved for ads and attracting more viewers.

Understanding IGTV Ad Revenue: Instagram shares 55% of the advertising revenue with creators, while retaining the remaining 45%. Your earnings will depend on the number of views your ads receive and the advertisers’ bids for your content.


IGTV is a powerful platform for sharing long-form content on Instagram and engaging with your audience. By downloading the IGTV app, creating captivating content, and monetizing your videos with IGTV Ads, you can grow your online presence and potentially earn revenue from your creative efforts. Just remember to comply with Instagram’s guidelines and policies to ensure a smooth experience and successful monetization.

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