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Best Bluetooth speakers: The Complete Buyer’s Guide
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Best Bluetooth speakers: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Mar 22, 2023


We’re incredibly happy to be able to stock the iconic Bluetooth Speakers on our website and we love to educate our customers about which Bluetooth or Wifi speaker might be the right fit for them.

For those not aware of , they are an English audio company with over best bluetooth speakers of expertise in their field. They specialize in engineering guitar amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets and have been celebrated by some of the world’s most renowned musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Muse and Gorillaz to name but a few.

The chances are you will have seen equipment featuring in live portable bluetooth speaker band sets as they are some of the best and most highly respected amplifiers in the market. In our experience, you’ll find very few brands that have this level of heritage and respect within their industry.

In 2018, they bravely moved into the wireless speaker market best portable speakers to give listeners the opportunity to stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth instead of via cables.

What we love most about speakers here at Smart Home Sounds is their wireless bluetooth speaker, characterized by a retro and vintage style. These speakers are a real statement and will actually add to the aesthetics of your room, instead of taking it away which is something a lot of other speakers struggle to do. 

Little touches such as the best wireless speakers on some of their portable speakers and the analogue controls to change EQ settings and volume on their larger home models make the whole experience authentic and unique. 

Let’s briefly cover the basic detail of each speaker and we’ll tell you what’s good and bad about the speaker to help you towards a more informed purchase decision. 

Before we get into it, let’s see how the full…

The smallest speaker in the Speaker range, Willen is the perfect companion for your adventures. Small enough to fit into your pocket, the Willen is perfect for taking on the go with a long 15+ hour battery life and rugged IP67 rating keeping the speaker protected from the elements.

As one of latest lineup of portable speakers, has their innovative Stack Mode feature inbuilt meaning you can pair the bluetooth speaker in pakistan with other identical speakers for an even bolder sound. If pairing two Willens, the pair will play in stereo which is a nice touch for a slightly larger space.

Perfectly portable, has a silicone carry handle built into the back of the speaker allowing you to hook it to your bag, hang it up or just have added security when carrying it around in your hand. Despite its small size, Willen retains the hallmark of iconic design and is an excellent portable speaker choice for those who love rock & indie music.

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