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September 23, 2023
Navchandi Yagna Cost, vidhi and Benefits

Navchandi Yagna Cost, vidhi and Benefits

Mar 23, 2023

Navchandi yagna is conducted for wealth and to attain power. This pooja is usually performed on Navratri days as it is considered significant during this time of the year. Navchandi yagna helps in achieving success and prosperity and removes obstacles from life. In this article, we’ll be talking about Navchandi yagna Cost, vidhi and so on. 

Navchandi yagna is a way of worshipping the goddess Durga. It is encrypted in the Devi Mahatmyam, maa chandi is shown as eighteen-armed, where each arm contains different weapons. This image itself is the version of feminine power as maa chandi is the role model for women’s empowerment. 

Navchandi yagna is usually done to get rid of black magic or negative energy which imparts to harming oneself. It is believed that maa chandi is the slayer of demons and saved humanity from the cruelty of demons. 

To have positive energy and to live happily and healthily. Navchandi yagna is performed. Chanting the right mantras along the holy fire with Durga saptashati parayana consisting of 700 slokas that create positivity around the one performing this ritual. 

Description of Navchandi Yagna 

Navchandi yagna is an astonishing ritual or homam to achieve good health and life. It is performed to get the blessing of maa chandi. Maa chandi is known by various names as mentioned in the Devi mahatmyam.  

Navchandi yagna is considered one of the most powerful forms of shaktism praised in Hindu activity. Maa chandi is the creator of the trinetra of lord brahma, lord shiva and lord vishnu. Maa chandi is considered the true representation of feminine power. 

It is encrypted in the Devi Mahatmyam, maa chandi is shown as eighteen-armed, where each hand represents different weapons held by maa chandi stating women empowerment.

Hindus perform a ceremony known as navchandi yagna to depict the guidance of particular gods and goddesses. The pooja starts with the Sthapana, Sankalp and Karta calling out Agni (god of fire) asking to bring dravya to the pertinent deity.

Importance of navchandi yagna 

Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, NavaGraha, Nav Durga all are worshiped in the navchandi yagna or homam. Those who perform navchandi yagna are blessed with success and prosperity. To remove all kinds of barriers from life this ritual is performed. 

One gets the blessings of maa chandi through Navachandi yagna. If the nakshatras in your horoscope are not in your approval then navchandi yagna is performed. To get instant results perform navchandi yagna in Navratri. 

Navachandi Yanga’s primary motive is to provide safety from all hazardous energies that are most likely to harm the person. This pooja is conducted to safeguard from every negative energy or evil energy that is aiming to blend a person. Navachandi yagna is the most powerful form of worship.

The importance of navchandi yagna can be concluded from this that it can change the planeT in your horoscope in your favour providing positive energy and helping to achieve success and prosperity.

It helps to attain peace of mind. When your mind is at peace you develop a positive way of thinking. When you are surrounded by positivity then everything is in your favour removing all obstacles from life. Navachndi pooja is basically done to gain wealth and success. 

Worshipping of Nav Durga in Navchandi Yagna

Navchandi pooja rituals are performed in Navratri. The nine forms of the goddess are praised in navchandi yagna. Navchandi yagna is also performed in shakti peethas.

Navchandi Durga pooja is done for the nine incarnations and those are shailputri, brahmacharini, kalratri, mahagauri, siddhidatri. Saptashati is quoted in the pooja. Navchandi yagna denotes the achievement of victory.

Navchandi yagna or homam is worshiped to attain wealth and power. It also helps in achieving success and prosperity and removes all obstacles from life. Everything which earlier was harming and seems to create a hurdle after this pooja everything is sorted. 

This yagna eliminates the consequences of enemies and planets that are not in your favour. A person reverses the situation of such to positive results by navchandi yagna. 

Navchandi Yagna Cost

The navchandi yagna is a cost-effective pooja. It can be completed between Rs 20000/INR to Rs 50000/INR. To know the exact cost visit the 99 pandit site and get a pandit within no time. 


Finally, we talked about the navchandi yagna cost, vidhi and benefits in this article. Navchandi yagna is the best prayer to attain success and prosperity in one’s life and to remove the impact of negative and evil energy. If you wanna learn about the Housewarming invitation visit 99pandit’s portal. This pooja is devoted to Maa Durga or Maa Chandi. Certain mantras are chanted to make it impactful along with the holy fire. To get more info contact us on 99 pandit site.

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