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Reasons Why You Need Commercial Combined Insurance
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Reasons Why You Need Commercial Combined Insurance

Mar 22, 2023

Obtaining appropriate commercial combined insurance coverage is a crucial component of operating a business. Accidents, mistakes, theft, damages, and other occurrences could all wind up costing your company thousands of pounds. Insurance can help reduce these risks and give you peace of mind while operating. Commercial combined insurance is a tailored solution that provides you with the precise types and levels of coverage you require because no two businesses are the same.

We at Simple Insurance Solutions , offer a wide range of insurances that you might not know that you needed  like tradesmen insurance or contractors insurance. Keep your business running smoothly with commercial combined insurance policies.

What is the operation of a Commercial Combined Insurance


Businesses take out a variety of insurance policies to cover all the dangers they face. However, with commercial combined insurance, you receive a single policy that includes many different types of protection. The types of company insurance and the degree of protection you require are often your choice.It performs functions akin to add-ons. Sometimes, these add-ons are linked, making it necessary to remove one of the key covers in order to select them. You’ll just have one policy to handle, one premium to pay, and one renewal period.

What is covered by business combination insurance?

Each insurer providing these plans has different coverage alternatives to consider, and some more specialized insurers can help you obtain the less popular types. Typically, a commercial combined insurance policy will offer the following types of coverage:

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance will cover costs if your company must stop operating as a result of events like fires, pandemics, natural catastrophes, or safety concerns brought on by nearby structures.

Property damage insurance 

Property damage insurance covers the structure, its contents, its stock, and any other assets that may be harmed for an insured reason.

Specified all hazards

You can typically cover particular products that you name when you take out your policy. Specified all hazards.


Liability, This protects you from claims from customers and employees who were hurt while using your services or products, as well as from the associated legal fees and potential payments. It might also defend you from allegations that your services or products have damaged property. Commercial combined insurance, which combines employer, public, and product coverages, can be available to you.

professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from lawsuits from unhappy clients if you offer professional advice. If you offer professional advice, this insurance protects you from client claims that they suffered losses as a result of mistakes you made. The insurance contributes to the expense of any required legal defense and recompense.

Legal expenses 

Legal expenses – this includes the fees for counsel or representation in relation to a variety of disputes and compliance issues. When you or your workers are required to serve on a jury, it can occasionally pay off.

Stock in transit

Stock in transit protects you against losses if something occurs to your items while they are being delivered, whether by you or a third party.


Money is protected by this; it belongs to your company. Some service providers only offer safety for money kept on-site, Others offer defense in the event that it is remotely stolen via fraud.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance pays for costs associated with damage to computers, machinery, and other equipment, including the price of repairs and replacements.

computer insurance.

If the equipment breakdown policy does not cover computers, you can purchase computer insurance. This separate policy will typically cover both the hardware and any damages you have incurred as a result of the equipment breakdown.

Deterioration of stock

When perishable items are properly stored, stock deterioration offers protection against the expenses of perishable commodities deteriorating.


This insurance covers losses from damage directly brought on by terrorist attacks.

Loss of license

If your license is revoked, you may experience an income loss because you won’t be able to work.i.e., alcohol and other products are no longer allowed for sale.Additionally, it might help you save time spent researching a variety of policies.

What drawbacks do commercial combined policies have?

The more specialised types of cover might not be accessible, despite the fact that commercial combined insurance is quite adaptable. However, a financial advisor with a focus on protection may frequently locate customised coverage for you.

Cost: Commercial combined insurance is typically affordable, but depending on your needs, you might find that taking out multiple policies is more cost-effective.

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